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These Shrubs & Bushes Are Perfect For Spring

Shrubs & Bushes Are Perfect For Spring in Omaha

If you are looking to add some beautiful and bright colors to your landscape, spring is the perfect time to do it. After a long winter, everyone loves to see some beautiful flowers growing in their yard. If you are looking for a fun way to brighten up your landscape, there are several bushes and shrubs that will be a perfect choice. Here are some fantastic options for shrubs and bushes you can add to your view this spring in Omaha, Nebraska.

These Shrubs & Bushes Are Perfect For Spring

Winter Heath

This excellent shrub offers lavender/pink flowers that bloom during the winter months. The flowers of this shrub will continue into the early spring months. This shrub grows low to the ground and appears quite delicate, but it is hardy and will tolerate some drought and poor soil conditions. It will flower best when given full sunlight but can handle a bit of shade. Only prune during the late spring months when the flowering is done.

Witch Hazel

The bright blooms of the witch hazel shrub will arrive during March. The flowers are a warm yellow color and have a somewhat spicy fragrance. If you are looking for a small hedge or a screen, witch hazel is the right choice. The shrub will tolerate a bit of shade, but it is best to plant it in an area that gets a lot of full sun to maximize the blooms.


This is a flowering shrub that is most well known for the long branches that fill up with gorgeous yellow blooms during the early spring months. Forsythia is a part of the olive family and can tolerate some drought and poor soil conditions. If winter is especially harsh or if there is a late freeze, the plant might not flower during the spring months.


For those seeking a shade-tolerant bush, Andromeda is the right choice. This bush can start to bloom as early as March and offers fragrant flowers. Some people simply do not like the smell of these flowers, while others enjoy it. If you are planning to have one of these in your garden, make sure that you know the smell. This is an evergreen bush and can reach up to ten feet tall and might get up to seven feet wide.

Flowering Quince

This deciduous shrub has a messy growth habit. However, it makes up for its messiness by offering orange, white, red, and pink flowers. These flowers will start to bloom as early as March and will provide your landscape with some much-needed color after those gloomy winter months. The flowering quince is related to the rose bush, and just like rose bushes has a prickly exterior. It also is effortless to grow, which makes it an excellent choice for a barrier plant.

Japanese Rose

This is not a rose in the more traditional sense, and it is not even a member of the genus rosa family. However, it is a part of the larger rose family. The great thing about this particular bush is that when it blooms, they last for nearly six weeks. The blooms appear on old wood, so make sure that you prune the plant after the flowering process ends. If you wait until later in the season to prune the plant, you might remove some of the flower buds that would appear during the following year.

Korean Spice Viburnum

For a flowering bush that keeps on giving, the Korean Spice Viburnum will provide you with blooms a few times throughout the year. This beautiful bush offers flowers during the spring months, and then again in the summer and finally in the fall. The white flowers will appear in the springtime, and then during the summer, bright red berries will appear. These berries will mature and turn a darker hue during the fall months. This is a high bush that will provide you with some color throughout most of the year. It can reach up to six feet in height and width, providing an excellent choice for foundation plantings.

These are just a few of many great choices for shrubs and bushes that will provide you with some great color for the spring.

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