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Planting Late Spring Annuals & Flowers

Spring annuals and flowers

Winter seems to drag on forever. In fact, at times, you likely start to dream about spring. It is never too early to start thinking about the types of Spring annuals and flowers that you want growing in your garden when the weather starts to warm up. Flowering annuals are an excellent choice for a gorgeous garden that is low-maintenance. These types of flowers require little assistance, which makes them perfect for those who want a beautiful lawn, but have a busy lifestyle that does not allow for picky flowers that need a lot of care.

Many great options come in ready-made planters. Some of the planters will offer a single flowering variety of plants, and others will have several plants grouped together to create a pleasant and colorful addition to your landscaping or garden. If you want to plant your own unique garden, here are several great annuals from which to choose.

Planting Late Spring Annuals & Flowers


Petunias are a favorite flower among gardeners. One of the main reasons that these flowers are a favorite is because they come in a broad spectrum of colors. Also, petunias will grow in almost any area that is sunny. You can plant them in your window boxes or fill up a hanging basket full of these beautiful flowers. They are also great on a front walkway to liven up the curbside appeal of any home.


If you are looking for several weeks of blossoming colors, pansies are an excellent choice. Cool wave pansies are a bit hardier than the standard flower, which means that they will last for a long time. You can plant them a bit earlier because they tolerate the cold and the heat quite well. Most pansies will continue through late spring and into the early parts of summer for most planting regions.


Zinnias are a very easy going flower that will bring a ton of color to your garden. You can start these flowers from seed or find already flowering plants at your local garden center. There are some beautiful shades of zinnias from which to choose. Some of the most popular colors include pink, red, orange, and yellow. Mix several of these flowers for a beautiful sunset of colors to brighten up your day.


If you are looking for a great annual that will contrast with some of the perennials in your garden, marigolds are the way to go. Another benefit of adding some marigolds to your potted plants or outdoor landscaping is that they help to ward off mosquitos. This is a win/win as you will enjoy being in your yard more as there will be fewer mosquitos biting you while you are trying to enjoy that pleasant spring weather.


If you have a shady area in your garden that you want to liven up, impatiens are a perfect choice. Impatiens will provide some bright and lasting color for those spots that do not get as much sun in your yard. The color will last for a long time, providing you with enjoyment throughout the spring and summer months.

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