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Benefits of Tree Trimming and Pruning

Benefits of Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming and pruning are necessary tasks that all homeowners must face. You can choose to hire a professional to trim your trees, or you can take on the task yourself. You might be wondering why you need to trim and prune your trees. There are many reasons that you should consider pruning and trimming. Here are some of the benefits of tree trimming and pruning.

Benefits of Tree Trimming and Pruning

Importance of Tree Pruning

Trees are an important part of nature. They provide oxygen to the environment and add value in several ways. Animals need them to live in and property owners can enjoy their shade. The value of trees is measured in many ways. As with any asset, the value is not going to increase without proper treatment and care. Pruning is simply a part of caring for a tree.


Often homeowners trim trees for aesthetic purposes. However, it is also important for the overall health of the tree. Diseased, damaged, and broken limbs are a safety risk for those nearby and also for the overall health of the tree. Taking these branches down can help prevent further decay. Additionally, pruning will reduce leaf disease in the tree as it increases the flow of air through the canopy. This is beneficial for plants that reside under the tree canopy. Pruning fruit trees will help to improve the quantity and quality of the crop.

Human Benefit

Trees are a part of everyday life. Over time, trees might impede on our daily habits. For example, a tree may invade a sidewalk or a roadway, making it more difficult to travel. Trimming a tree can improve pedestrian flow under or around the tree. Dead and flailing branches from a tree can make biking and walking paths harder to navigate. A simple trimming can remove this issue. Branches that are diseased or dead can create a hazard to your home. The roof and siding of your house can be damaged by tree branches during harsh winds. Properly pruning your trees can save you from having to file an insurance claim because of a fallen limb.

Environmental Health

Trees that have large canopies might impede the growth of other plants located below it. Taking the time to prune your trees can help provide lower branches and other plants with the sun and the rain that they need in order to remain healthy. Additionally, trimming diseased and dead branches off of a tree will impact insects and other pests. Many insects colonize inside of decaying branches and the feed on the leaves of the tree. These insects can spread diseases that affect the growth of plants and trees. If the tree brushes up against your home, this can provide the insects with easy access to enter.

Trimming and pruning trees is a necessary chore as a homeowner. It is important to note that every tree is different and when it comes to pruning trees, you may not be able to use the same method for each tree in your yard. Newer trees should be pruned about once a year or more in order to help them gain strength and proper form. Older more mature trees only need pruning about once every five years or so.

If you are not sure how to properly prune a tree, hire a professional to come in and do it for you. This will ensure that you do not accidentally damage the tree and possibly cause more issues.

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