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How Often Should You Water Your Trees?

Trees are an asset to your property. Not only do they provide welcoming shade during the heat of summer, but they also add visual interest, beautiful colors, and they even invite friendly birds and other critters into your yard. Plus, if they are fruit trees, they can yield fresh, delicious, and nutritious food. Of course, […]

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How To Choose A Tree For Your Yard

Choosing a tree for your yard is undeniably a long-term commitment, so choosing what species fits your wants and needs is a crucial decision. Some trees can become more and more beautiful as the years go by, while others may create more problems than you anticipated. One of the first steps in deciding what tree […]

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Best Trees And Shrubs For Bees

With bees playing an essential role in our food chain and plants and trees playing an imperative role in our ecosystem, it’s important to ensure that they’re working in accordance with each other. The sheer importance of bees has become an increasingly hot topic. Their health and survival have been threatened (in part by a […]

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What Are the Best Trees for a Hammock?

Summer is just around the corner which means you can start planning and preparing for your outdoor activities. A hammock is one of the best outdoor seating options for relaxation and a nice piece of furniture for the warm weather. Hammocks are also environmentally beneficial when used with a tree-friendly suspension system. This guide will […]

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Winter Damage to Evergreens

When most people think of evergreens, they think of a hearty tree that does not lose its leaves during the winter months. Evergreens get their name because they are green throughout all of the seasons. However, winter damage to evergreens can occur. It is important to make sure that you are properly caring for any […]

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Backyard BirdWatching Tips

When you are staring out your windows on those gray winter days, it can be easy to become discouraged. One of the ways to add some color to your backyard might just come in the form of some friendly critters with wings. Blue jays, cardinals, chickadees, and goldfinches are wonderful chirpers that likely call your […]

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Trees and Energy Saving

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Anyone who’s bought a home before knows that trees planted too close to your home on your property can do serious damage. From tilted foundations to cracked water and sewage pipes, or even big trees simply crashing into homes during big storms. Trees can pose such a hazard that many building inspectors will be thrilled […]

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Welcome to the Arbor Hill Trees Blog

Thank you for visiting our blog. Here we will share with you helpful tips and advice on keeping your existing trees and shrubs healthy, and feature some of the trees we recommend for planting in Omaha. If you have any questions, we are always ready to help. Call us at 402-895-3635.

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