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How to Keep a Garden Journal

A garden journal helps you remember what you want to do, what you did, how it went, and what to do next time. For most, it’s as much a scrapbook as it is a diary. A garden journal can be as casual or serious as you are. For the more agriculturally minded, a garden journal […]

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Landscaping with Trees

Trees are our very best friends on this earth. Trees are the sole reason why we breathe. Therefore, why not try landscaping your house with trees and nature? Learn to discover more ways on how to landscape your house with trees and fill up unused space on your land. Surrounding your house with trees makes […]

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Plants and Trees That Smell Good

Plants and trees can offer a lot of benefits to their surroundings. They are great additions to your garden or backyard, especially when spring rolls around. Not only do plants and trees help in keeping the air cool and clean, but they also make it smell nice. If you’re looking for some pleasantly-scented trees or […]

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