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Why Perennial Flowers are Great for your Landscape?

Perennial Flowers for Landscape

Looking to add some color, variety, and excitement to your garden? Perennial flowers might be just the thing! In this post, we’ll take a look at what precisely perennials are, and why they’re such a good choice for any garden.

What Are Perennial Flowers?

Perennial flowers are flowers that will tend to bloom for only a short time, usually for just a few weeks. These will then lie dormant for the rest of the year, before coming back. The good news is that you don’t need to plant perennials each year. To clarify, plant them once and they’ll keep returning, always bringing that splash of color back into your garden.

The term perennial actually refers specifically to herbaceous (green) plants. That’s because trees are perennial in every case.  This is in contrast to annuals. Annuals are plants that have a life-cycle lasting just one year. They will therefore grow from their seed, bloom, drop more seeds, and then die. They need to be replanted every year, though in some cases the seeds they dropped will return.

The Appeal of Perennials

So what is it about perennial plants that make them such a good choice for so many different homes and gardens? The main reason is of course that perennial plants tend to be particularly beautiful and vibrant, and many will add a real dash of color. Think about the sedums, which have a beautiful autumn color, the rudbeckia which offer a lot of long-lasting color in summer, or the many colored magnolias.

The fact that you don’t need to repeatedly plant perennial flowers also makes a big difference. These flowers are low maintenance and easy to set up growing in your garden. You can just “set and forget” them, and then enjoy seeing them return year on year.

And that really is the biggest appeal of perennials of all: they allow you to design a kind of concerto for your garden. This is a progression of color, where you will see different flowers and plants sprouting to life at different points. Rather than looking into your garden and seeing the exact same thing stare back at you every day, you now have the excitement of seeing a different selection of colors every day. Not only that, but you’ll find you’re pleasantly surprised each time one of these different plants appears that you had forgotten.

Annuals will often start to look barren and sad come winter. On the other hand, with perennials there is a different flower that will bloom at nearly every time of year. That means you can have different flowers coming into bloom at any given time, ensuring there is always a splash of color to be seen.

Combine this with a few plants that bring color all year round (snowdrop flowers, Christmas rose), and you’ll have a range of different combinations all throughout the year. Don’t just design what you want your garden to look like in its peak, think about those months in between too!

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