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Planting Fragrant Plants

Planting Fragrant Plants Omaha Landscaping

Planting fragrant plants should be no accident. While we don’t suggest over-whelming your garden with dozens of scents whirling the air, a few aromatic plants tucked here and there helps draw in the visitor.

If you plant scented foliage in your flowerbed gardens, the leaves could very well smell just as good after they are dried. Just remember to pick the leaves when dry, find a dry location for the process and lay flat on a screen so there is ample circulation for both sides.

Planting Fragrant Plants in your Omaha Home

Lemon Balm

We first planted Lemon Balm in 2009 and it has become one of our fragrant plants. The leaves, picked after the morning dew evaporates and freshly washed, adds wonderful flavor to any summer drink. You can imagine how pleasantly surprised we were, albeit in mid-July, that this aromatic annual became a perennial. In fact, it was growing back in three separate areas of the flowerbed garden.

Russian Sage

The Russian Sage plant is interesting. While listed as a perennial and at maturity, it looks more like a tall wispy shrub. The gray-green leaves when crushed smell like sage.


This low mounding annual, which blooms in white, rose or purple flowers, the Alyssum makes a great border/edging plant.

Dianthus Pinks

While many varieties of the Dianthus are fragrant, and because it is low growing, you really have to bend down to appreciate the mild scent.

Dwarf Korean Lilac

The Dwarf Korean Lilac, re-bloomer has amazingly strong scented flower clusters. Just walking by the garden shrub and you can smell the wonderful fragrance.

Consider Both Blooms and Foliage

When considering planting fragrant plants in your flowerbed gardens, remember to include both the fragrant plants that emit a fragrance from their blooms as well as those that have only fragrant foliage. It would be sad to miss out.

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