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Helping Roses Rebloom in your Yard

Helping Roses Rebloom in your Yard

When in full bloom, roses provide a fragrant and gorgeous display. Once those initial blooms are over, it is possible to keep your roses blooming by using a number of different skills that will avoid harming the rose plants. The focus should be on helping with the healthy growth of the bush and optimizing the shape of it as you remove all of the blooms that have been spent. Working with the rose bush on a regular basis will help to keep the plants blooming all throughout the season. During the dormancy stage, make sure that you keep the bush fertilized as this will promote blossoms that are healthy during growing season.

Helping Roses Rebloom in your Yard

What you need:

  • Gloves
  • Hand clippers
  • Bucket
  • Fertilizer
  • Drop cloth

Removing Spent Leaves

First, take a drop cloth and place it around the base of the bush. Keep a bucket nearby. Any of the dead material that is on the ground is an invitation to insects and disease. Cleaning this up after you attend to the rose bushes will help them grow during the season.

Put on a pair of gardening gloves that will cover up to your forearms. This helps to protect them from thorns as you reach into the bush. Use the hand clippers to remove the blossoms.

Removing Canes

There are canes that may grow towards the middle of the rose bush. These need to be removed as they prevent access to light and the circulation of light. When pruning, continually shape the rose bush in order to promote healthy growth.


Water the bushes at least once or twice a week. If the roses are not watered enough they will turn brown. Overwatering can leech nutrients from the plant, so make sure that you are getting it enough water but not too much.

If you follow these steps you should have roses that look great all season.

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