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Why Your Omaha Trees Need Regular Care

Why your Omaha Trees Need Regular CareWhen it comes to the trees in your yard in Omaha, you may think that they will simply take care of themselves and you do not need to really worry about them. However, just like other plants it is important to make sure that you are properly caring for the trees in your yard. Keep reading to find out why your trees need regular care.

Why your Omaha Trees Need Regular Care

There are several diseases that can take over a tree and cause them to die. By taking the time to treat your trees to regular care you can ensure that they last for a very long time. Here are some of the ways that you can care for your trees and what you can do should your trees become infected.

Planting the Right Trees

When it comes to Omaha trees it is important to make sure that you are planting trees that are right for your area. You also want to make sure that you choose a spot that will allow it to grow. Before digging, make sure that it is not going to be close to any power lines. Make sure that you do not plant the tree too deep.


Just like other plants, trees need water. If it has not rained in awhile, check your trees to see if they need water. A mature tree typically needs about an inch of water each week. New trees need anywhere from four to ten gallons of water each week during their first year or two of growing.


Mulching around your trees can be beneficial. It will help to insulate the roots of the tree and will also protect the roots from being cut by the lawnmower. Mulch also helps to keep the soil moist. Remove the grass around the tree and spread two to four inches of mulch. Do not cover the base of the trunk.


When trees are in a forest, they are fed by the natural plant materials surrounding them. However, when trees are in our Omaha lawns, those nutrients are raked and removed. Using fertilizer solves this problem. Add a slow releasing fertilizer around your trees on a regular basis as this will release nutrients into the surrounding soil. Make sure that you test your soil in order to see if there are any elements that are in short supply or are missing.


Have your trees checked out about once a year or so. Spotting a sign of a disease or a pest early can make a huge difference. An arborist will be able to help create a plan of action if they find anything wrong with your Omaha trees.

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