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Pine Trees Winter Care

Pine Trees winter care tips Omaha

Pine trees are some of the most majestic and recognizable trees in the world. These fragrant, cone-bearing conifers come from the Pinus genus and are favored for their easy maintenance and unique needles. Although pine trees remain green throughout the year, they are not immune to all cold-weather risks. Here are some Pine Trees winter care tips to protect them.

Pine Trees Winter Care in Omaha

If you live in an area that experiences freezing temperatures, you should protect the pine seedlings over winter.


Add 4 to 5 inches of mulch in the immediate area around your pine seedling to moderate the soil temperature and conserve moisture. Straw, leaves and wood chips work well. The tender root tissues of young pines cannot acclimate to temperatures below freezing and can be killed if soil temperature reaches below 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily, mulch can prevent soil temperatures from falling too low.


Water the seedling at least twice monthly throughout fall and winter. Pine trees need to maintain moisture in the trunk and needles to prevent desiccation as a result of moisture transpiration through the needles during freezing temperatures. If a hard freeze is expected at night, water the tree well during the day.


When winter sun thaws a tree trunk by day and cold night air freezes it, bark cells can rupture, creating cracks in the trunk. This condition is called sunscald. To protect trees, cover trunks with crepe paper tree wrap. Working from the bottom, wrap the trunk, overlapping layers by one-third. Stop wrapping just above lowest branches. Remove the wrap in spring. You can also paint the tree trunk white or wrap it with a white plastic rabbit guard. Sunscald occurs most often on trees planted on west or south sides of buildings.

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