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Best Maple Trees for Fall Color

Best Maple Trees for Fall Color i n Omaha

Maple trees are one of the most popular types of trees found all over the United States and North America – and other than being famous as the source of maple syrup. Maple trees can also be one of the most beautiful trees to look at during the fall. Autumn is associated with shades of orange and red, and maple trees are one of the most traditionally thought-of trees to achieve this in a park or garden.

Best Maple Trees for Fall Color

Here are the best varieties of maple trees for that great fall color.

Striped Maple Trees for fall color

Striped maple trees are one of the most commonly found types of maple trees in the United States. This type of maple tree doesn’t traditionally grow as high as other maple trees, which can sometimes make them an ideal option for planting close to a house – but not close enough to interfere with anything that grows higher up.

Striped maple trees are known to flower in the spring, but during autumn they change shade: This is part of what makes them great to plant in the first place.

Red Japanese Maple Trees for fall color

Red Japanese maple trees are obviously found in many places that aren’t Japan, including North America and the United States. These are often chosen for their faster growing abilities – and they are also one of the maple trees that are most often chosen for growing as a bonsai tree.

Instead of the traditional yellow, these add a darker, redder shade to the color palate of the season.

Red Maple Trees

The traditional red maple tree is one of the most prevalent trees in the North American wild. True to its name, it is also known as the Canadian maple tree – and yes, it’s a different type of maple tree to Red Japanese maple. These are one of the most used types for maple syrup (of course!) and can also be found all over the United States, growing happily with access to enough sun – and being able to flourish even during a colder autumn/winter period.

Plant red or Canadian maple if you want the season’s shade to be as traditionally autumn as possible.

Sugar Maple Tree

Sugar maple is one of the best trees to plant – especially for maple syrup production – according to the Arbor Day Foundation. It’s one of the best trees for cycling through the different colors, and the sugar maple tree will look especially great when it’s approaching the autumnal stretch of the year.

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