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Mix-and-Match Different Shades of Green

How to Mix-and-Match Different Shades of Green to Transform Your Summer Garden

The term fifty shades shouldn’t be restricted only to grey: Remember that there are many other colors to think about – especially if you’re a gardener planning your garden. Any garden has to work together as a combination of elements, just like putting together a building or a piece of clothing, and it’s up to the gardener to make sure these elements are in balance.

It might seem to come naturally to some gardeners, but the rest of us could use a little added help when it comes to the planning and layout of the garden.

Green is a color associated with fertility, with prosperity and with the livelihood of the garden itself, especially during the vibrant summer months.

How to Mix-and-Match Different Shades of Green to Transform Your Summer Garden

Here’s how to mix-and-match different shades of green together in order to transform your summer garden into something gorgeous.

Browsing Flowers with a Color Wheel

Every gardener should have at least a few goods encyclopedia-references on flower and tree types around the house. If you don’t have it book form, you might have a great online reference that you browse or search through whenever you need to find the answer to something.

Open up a tab on your browser and look up a basic color wheel: If you can, find one that focuses only on shades of green. Next, use this when you browse through flowers and trees (and any other potential things to plant in your garden) to find the shades you want to shine through most in your garden.

Most references have clear pictures of the flowers or plants in question and you can decide exactly what shade of green will work for which part of the garden. Make sure that you also check some other plant essentials like what the best part of the year is to start planting (and how much sunlight or shade each of the plants are going to want).

Outlining Your Garden

Outline your garden on paper (or with the help of electronic drawing software) so that you know more or less how you want to use the space available to you before you start. Include things like which flowers are to be planted where – and how they get shade from there; also include any special notes that you might think of to include for yourself in this outline.

It saves you a lot of time, and seeing your garden outlined at a glance is a great way to decide what goes where (and decide which shades of green are going to fit best).

Using the Topiary

Topiaries and their creation is an art, but it’s not as hard to learn how to do it as you might think – and starting out doesn’t mean that you have to start off with anything too elaborate or large. Most gardeners can pick up this unique art form through self-education, hours of practice and YouTube, and it’s definitely worth doing if you want to transform your garden into something unique that showcases several shades of green at once.

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