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Lilac Bushes Facts and Care

Lilac Bushes Facts and Care

Lilacs are one of the most aromatic flowers. Their scent is unmistakable and is beloved by many. Their blooms are just as beautiful as the scent that they produce. The small clusters of purple, pink, white, and even red flowers that resemble stars are absolutely stunning.

Lilacs are a spring favorite, for sure. If you’re thinking about planting lilacs in your garden, here’s a look at some lilac bushes facts and care tips that are worth knowing.

Lilac Bushes Facts and Care Tips

Lilacs can grow on either bushes or trees, depending on the species. The shape, color, size, and even aroma of the flower can also vary by species. There are more than 1,000 species of lilacs.

Lilacs Don’t Grow in Every Environment

These flowers are delicate and cannot tolerate high temperatures and certain types of soil. As such, they won’t grow in arid environments that have sand-like soil. Instead, they prefer climates that are tropical and wet (those that have at least three seasons).

Most Bloom in Spring

Most species of lilacs bloom in the spring and their flowers only last for about 2 to 3 weeks. However, there are some species that will bloom a few times a year.

Pruning Is Important

If you want your lilac tree or bush to remain healthy and grow, it’s important that you keep up with pruning. Wait until the last flowers have faded to prune your bush or tree and your lilacs will flourish.

They’re Relatively Low Maintenance

As long as they are planted in soil that drains well and they receive an adequate amount of sunlight, lilacs are relatively easy to care for and require very little maintenance. As mentioned, pruning helps to improve the overall health the plant and the quality of the flowers it will produce.

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