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Hydrangeas Perfect Companion Plants

Hydrangeas Perfect Companion Plants

It’s easy to understand why hydrangeas are so popular. Easy to grow and tolerant of sun and shade. Hydrangeas bring stunning foliage and big blossoms to your garden.

Increase the enchantment of these flowering bushes by carefully selecting hydrangea companion plants.

How to Pair Hydrangeas and Hostas?

With the right planning, hostas and hydrangeas are perfect partners.

  • Both thrive in part shade
  • Hostas are a convenient ground cover to establish under hydrangeas
  • Hosta plants share hydrangea’s love of morning sun and afternoon shade


To ensure long-lasting color, plant an assortment of flowering plants that will blossom before, during, and after the blooming season of your hydrangeas.

A combination of sun-loving spring and summer flowering perennials, such as zinnias and snapdragons, will not only add eye-catching appeal to your hydrangeas, but will give you a convenient cut-flower garden.

Trees and Shrubs

When you are considering what to plant next to a hydrangea, consider taller plants like small to medium sized trees that could offer the shade the shrubs prefer.

If planting a hydrangea close to an existing tree, check with your local nursery as to how close to the tree you should dig a hole. You want to avoid nicking or destroying an existing root system.

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