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Juniper Tree Facts & Care

Juniper Tree facts & Care

The common juniper tree (Juniperus comminus) is an increasing sight in many gardens, and it’s no wonder considering that it’s a useful and practical evergreen that’s easy to take care of once it’s sprouted or transplanted from a pot to a more permanent place.

Here are a few things you should know about the common juniper tree and how to take care of yours.

Juniper Tree Facts & Care


  • Ancient medical uses of the oils extracted from juniper trees include as a laxative, and to treat infections, burns and other serious wounds. Many people still use juniper oils as a natural remedy for many similar ailment s today.
  • The berries of juniper trees take about three years to mature fully – and it’s one of the reasons people cultivate juniper trees in the first place. It’s used to give flavor to gin, though it’s also commonly being used in other culinary ingredients like sauces, too.
  • Some species of juniper trees are considered endangered, and their planting is encouraged.

Caring for Your Juniper Tree

  • Common junipers generally grow to a height of between 6 to 25 feet, and should be spaced far enough during the planting phase to accommodate their potential size.
  • Juniper trees are great for birdwatching; birds like the firecrest especially love making their nests in juniper trees – and this should be encouraged. Keep a small bird bath near to your collection of juniper trees.
  • Juniper trees should ideally be planted in full sun,
  • Know what type of juniper tree you’re planting: while the common juniper tree doesn’t scale to such incredible heights, there are some varieties that can grow to as much as 60 feet.
  • Prepare your soil properly before planting your juniper tree: Just a little bit of natural compost mixed into the soil can do wonders for the initial growth of the tree.

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