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Autumn Blooming Cherry Trees: The Facts

Autumn blooming cherry trees

Almost everyone knows some version of the story involving George Washington and the cherry tree. However, most people don’t know much more about the cherry tree from there – including optimal conditions for growing, just how big it gets and when it’s the best time to plant for those that flower in autumn.

Here are the essential facts about autumn blooming cherry trees that can help bring its beauty to your garden.

  • Autumn blooming cherry trees can be estimated to grow to as much as 12 feet in height, though there are some species of cherry tree that will grow to heights of as much as 40 feet in height; ensure that you know what type of cherry tree you have before you plan spacing or plant.
  • The lifespan of most autumn flowering cherry tree species is estimated at around 20 years. Though some cherry tree species (including the black cherry tree) can get up to 250 years old under the right conditions. In fact, one of the oldest cherry trees in the world is called Jindai-zakura and is located in Japan. It’s guessed to be as much as 2, 000 years old!
  • Cherry trees will flourish under the right conditions. Just the right amount of light and moisture makes for perfect conditions. Most types of cherry trees will flower in springtime, but you might have guessed that the autumn blooming cherry trees flower in autumn instead . For many people this is part of their unique attraction.
  • Space your plants right, and remember that autumn flowering cherry trees tend to grow wider than they are tall. They can grow pretty tall, so plan your spacing ahead of time and with the type of cherry tree in mind.

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