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Butterfly Bush BiColor Facts

Butterfly Bush BiColor Facts

Buddleia davidii (more commonly known as the butterfly bush) is a deciduous shrub that grows quickly, requires minimal care, and blooms large flowers that grown in a spike-like formation. As the name suggests, the butterfly bush attracts all types of butterflies.

While the bushes were once only available with single-colored blooms, including purple, pink, yellow, and orange, there’s now a new variety of butterfly bush available: the bicolor butterfly bush!

Butterfly Bush BiColor Facts

What is a Bicolor Butterfly Bush?

It is a deciduous shrub, just like any other butterfly bush, and it grows the same spike-like blooms. However, the distinguishing difference between the bicolor and the standard butterfly bush is the color of the blooms. While standard bushes only feature a single colored bloom, bicolor bushes feature blooms that are lavender, orange, yellow, and pink in color.

They Attract Even More Butterflies

Standard butterfly bushes certainly attract butterflies, but it seems as if the bicolor butterfly bush attracts even more! That may be because of the variety of colors in the blooms, which makes it even more appealing for butterflies.

Butterflies aren’t all that are attracted to this bush: honey bees and hummingbirds love them, too! In addition to offering showy blooms, this plant also emits a sweet, honey-like scent that butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds can’t get enough of.

Easy to Grow

Bicolor butterfly bushes are just as easy to grow as their standard counterparts. They are hardy in zones five through 10, and they require very minimal care. These bushes grow quickly, too, reaching a height of up to 8 feet in very little time. They thrive in full sun and partial shade, and they are semi-drought tolerant. They can also withstand all types of soil, making them a great addition for all types of landscapes and climates.

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