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Best Shade Trees for Nebraska

Best Shade Trees in Nebraska

When it comes to the best shade trees to grow in Nebraska, there are a few choices you have to choose from. You want to plant the best trees possible in Nebraska, because you want them to have the ability to shade things like your back deck and the rest of your yard. But if you do not pick the right trees, then you’re going to struggle with growing them to the proper height. That’s why we have chosen some of the best trees to grow for shade in Nebraska.

Best Shade Trees for Nebraska

The Bur Oak

First up is the Bur Oak, which is one of the best trees when it comes to droughts and is very hardy and reliable. This type of tree has slow growth but extremely long life spans.

The Elm

The Elm tree is another type of tree perfect for Nebraska that can survive whether it is raining or it is dry; and it is one of the most disease-resistant trees out there. In fact, other trees learn from the Elm when it comes to how to prevent diseases.

The Pecan Tree

The Pecan tree is one of the best trees for Nebraska as well, with disease-resistant roots and a great deal of shade for your backyard.

The Tulip Tree

The next tree on our list is the Tulip tree which is perfectly suitable to eastern parts of Nebraska, and extremely hardy against ice storms.

The Persimmon

You should also consider checking out this tree, as it is one of the best out there when it comes to weathering storms that come through Nebraska and being ready for your harvesting pleasure whenever you want.

The Concolor Fir

Finally, the Concolor Fir is a type of tree that is extremely drought resistant, and it is an evergreen tree that you will always find in bloom.

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