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What Is A Heucherella Plant?

What Is A Heucherella Plant? | Arbor Hills Tree Nursery | Omaha

Heucherella plant is not a typo at all. It is actually a combination of Heuchera and Tiarella which makes sense as it is a cross between these two native perennials. The common name, foamy bells, is also a combination of the two common names: coral bells and foam flower respectively. The resulting plant has better resistance to rust disease and generally a better tolerance of heat and humidity. Not to mention the vibrant and beautiful color combinations that are sure to brighten up a shady area in any landscape!

Heucherella Growing Instructions

Heucherella grows best in a shady spot, but in Northern gardens many varieties can take a bit more sun. In the South, place them in a location where they are protected from afternoon heat. Heucherella prefers rich, slightly moist soil that contains organic matter and compost. Keep the soil slightly moist at all times so adding a mulch around your plants is a great way to keep your heucherella hydrated.

Heucherella is not intended for human or animal consumption.

Growing heucherella isn’t difficult, but well-drained soil is critical to prevent the roots from drowning. Amend the soil before planting with compost or well-rotted manure. Shade is best for most heucherella varieties, although the plant can tolerate more sun in cooler climates.

How to Grow a Heucherella Plant?

Darker leaves also tend to be more sun tolerant once established. While heucherella is relatively drought tolerant, it benefits from occasional watering during warm, dry weather. Don’t allow the plant to become badly wilted, but be careful not to overwater, as heucherella is prone to rot in soggy, poorly drained soil.

Heucherella Plant Varieties

  • Catching Fire’: This Heucherella has bright chartreuse leaves with fire-shaped red veining in the middle.
  • Fun and Games® ‘Eye Spy’: Eye Spy is a similar selection from Proven Winners® that also has chartreuse leaves with drastic red veining in the center.
  • ‘Golden Zebra’: Perhaps this plant was named Golden Zebra because it is hard to tell if it has red leaves with yellow edges, or yellow leaves with red centers.
  • ‘Solar Eclipse’: Solar Eclipse is a selection from Southern Living Plants. This is a very beautiful cultivar with dark mahogany leaves outlined in a vibrant lime green.
  • ‘Sweet Tea’: Sweet Tea cultivar is the largest Heucherella we grow at 1.75’ tall and 2.25’ wide. It is a beautiful collection of oranges and reds that lighten and darken throughout the growing season for a fabulous display of color.

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