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Tree Sale

Here is a list of our tree sale we have running right now for a short period. They are are between $50-$150 off.  These are some fantastic deals and we can install right away…no waiting period. Hurry before they are all sold out.

Tree Sale

Balled & Burlaped Trees

Canada Red Cherry Tree Sale

2′ Canada Red Cherry Tree – $199

Bald Cypress Tree

2″ Bald Cypress Tree – $209







Paper Bark Maple Tree

2″ Paper Bark Maple Tree – $219

Pink Spire Crabapple tree

2″ Pink Spire Crabapple Tree – $199










Tulip Tree

2″ Tulip Tree – $199





crimson sunset maple tree

2 1/2″ Crimson Sunset Maple Tree – $275
















Spade Planted Trees – installed price

Colorado Spruce tree

14-15″ Colorado Spruce Tree – $1,000

Maple Trees (Various)

6-8″ Maple Trees (Various) – $1,200











Note:  Delivery and Planting costs vary depending on what size and how many trees are ordered.  ($75-$89/ea)

Click here to order or give us a call: Arbor Hill Tree Farm