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Benefits of Tree Islands For Your Home

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When the hot summer months hit, most people will agree that having some shady spots in their yard can be a great thing. Parking your car in the shade or even standing under a nice tree can feel great when the sun is beating down. If you are thinking about adding some shade to your landscape and you also are looking for a way to protect your home, you might want to consider tree islands.

Benefits of Tree Islands For Your Home

Researchers have found that when you plant trees in groups, they will survive strong winds better than trees that are planted alone. There were several studies conducted in Florida after there were several hurricanes that struck the state and around the Gulf Coast. The researchers found that trees that were growing in groups had a better chance of withstanding the winds than the individual trees. A group was considered five or more trees that were growing within ten feet of each other. The trees were not planted in a row. The more space that the trees had for roots, the less likely they were to fall when the winds got strong.

In order to develop a strong root system, trees need enough soil. A small growing tree, one that stays less than 25 feet tall, needs at least a ten by ten-foot space to root properly. Trees that get up to 50 feet, need at least 20 by 20 feet to properly root. Larger trees, those that get to above 50 feet will need an area of 30 by 30 feet.

There are some species of trees that are going to withstand the wind better than others. If you are thinking about adding a tree island to your home, it is important to plant at least five trees together in order to make sure that you are getting the most benefit. You will want to make sure that you plant the trees close. We recommend planting them at least within ten feet of each other. You will want to make sure that you use different types of trees planted together.

It is also a good idea to consider planting trees of different ages together. Smaller trees will provide you with a faster establishment. You can plant all of the trees at once, making sure that they are of different maturity levels or you can choose to plant the trees at different times.

Benefits of Tree Islands

If you live in an area that sees strong winds tree islands are helpful. Having trees planted around your home can help protect your home from wind damage. It is important to make sure that you plant the right types of trees. It will also be important that you space them correctly in order to get the most protection.

In addition to providing wind protection, a tree island can also help cool your home. Placing trees on the west side of your house can help keep it cooler during those really hot summer months.

Tree islands can also attract wildlife to your yard. This can be quite a treat. You will be able to enjoy the wonders of nature as you are sitting in your yard.

Overall, if you want to improve the curb appeal of your home, lower the cost of cooling and heating your home, and protect your house from possible damage, adding a tree island is one of the best things that you can do. The best part is that you can add trees all at once. You may also take your time and add one tree at a time until you create a full tree island.

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