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Science Behind Hummingbirds and Flowers

hummingbirds and flowers

Hummingbirds are one of nature’s most beautiful creatures, and they can be found in many parts of the world where their main food source of nectar is plentiful; but they’re so much more than this, and they also happen to be some of the most interesting creatures that you can ever see from close-up – and this is what makes them a favorite for serious scientific study and amateur birdwatchers alike.

Their feeding habits and patterns makes for one of the most fascinating things that you’ll ever see, and a lot can be said about hummingbirds and flowers.

Science Behind Hummingbirds and Flowers

Here’s some more fascinating information about hummingbirds and flowers that you didn’t know about before.

What attracts hummingbirds to flowers?

There are approximately 400, 000 plants in the world that produce flowers, and of these, the hummingbirds certainly have a preference for some of these plants above certain others – when it comes to what they choose, they often prefer to see the brighter colored flowers as a preferred pick instead. This is a good rule of thumb when you’re looking for plants that will attract them: Anything sweet, bright and commonly tubular-shaped.

What flowers do hummingbirds hate?

 Here’s a question that’s important for any gardener and birdwatcher to ask – but one that very few people actually do when they’re putting their garden together. If you put a selection of flowers in your garden that birds will love, that’s great: But it’s going to mean nothing if you’ve planted flowers right next to it that the birds just might find horrible.

Anything that is strong instead of sweet will be a turn-off for hummingbirds; usually, this can include hyacinths, lilacs, irises, tulips and sometimes roses, too – but it should be said that not all types of roses will be such a turn-off to hummingbirds, only the really strong types.

If you want to plant these and still attract the birds, plant them in another area instead.

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