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PURPLE CREPE MYRTLE SHRUBPurple Crepe Myrtle Shrub- Lagerstroemia indica ‘Purpurea’

If you enjoy the color purple and seeing it all summer long into autumn, then the Purple Crepe Myrtle shrub is a showstopper for any property’s landscape.

The deciduous shrub comes in a variety of sizes and as a tree, can grow 10-20 feet in height with an 8-10 feet spread. For those who still desire that deep violet wash of color but don’t have a lot of room, one can choose a Purple Crepe Myrtle Shrub as a dwarf shrub that is accommodating to smaller gardens and spaces. These plants are even ideal for containers. The Purple Crepe Myth is also quite impressive when these round, bushy shrubs are lined up as a hedge.

The shrub is a hardy, fast-growing plant and drought resistant, preferring a well-drained soil under full to mostly sunny conditions. The Purple Crepe Myrtle Shrub can be grown in zones 6 to 10. It is a deer-resistant shrub and even better, the beautiful plant attracts the delicate side of nature in hummingbirds, butterflies and dragonflies.

Experts advise planting the shrub during a dormant season. Early spring is ideal, but it can also be planted during fall or winter, as long as it’s in a region where the winters are mild and the ground does not freeze.

Not only are the deep purple blooms eye-catching, but the plant’s leaves also command attention, debuting as a charming bronze in the spring. Then they transition into a verdant green that lasts all summer. When fall arrives, the Purple Crepe Myrtle will once again bathe itself in brilliant color, as its leaves transform into bright reds and yellows.

The Purple Crepe Myrtle is one shrub to consider adding to your property. It’s actually perfect, in that it’s purely purple, dense and compact as an ornamental tree to adorn any landscape. The maintenance is minor, allowing you to sit back and relax, enjoying the purple velvet view from June into late September.

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