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Plants and Trees That Smell Good

trees that smell good

Plants and trees can offer a lot of benefits to their surroundings. They are great additions to your garden or backyard, especially when spring rolls around. Not only do plants and trees help in keeping the air cool and clean, but they also make it smell nice. If you’re looking for some pleasantly-scented trees or plants to freshen your lawn, then you’re in luck! We’ve created this list of plants and trees that can help you do just that.

Plants and Trees That Smell Good

Apple Trees

This tree not only bears fruit but is also a fragrant tree that produces pinkish-white flowers that will surely add another element of beauty to your home. If you love eating fruit, you should definitely consider having an apple tree in your backyard. You can expect the fruit to be fully matured sometime during the early to mid-fall.

Purple Leaf Sand Cherry

This tall shrub species can grow to around seven to fourteen feet high and can span seven to ten feet. Best known for the purple color of its leaves, it grows best in rich and well-drained soil, blooming white flowers in mid-spring.

Cherry Plums

The prunus cerasifera or cherry plum is a giant shrub that can grow up to thirty feet. It has remarkably fragrant flowers that bloom in April and are usually white in color. It grows best in well-drained loamy soil with a medium level of moisture.

Crabapple Trees

If you want a tree that produces a lot of flowers, the crabapple could be for you. It is well-known for its abundant blooms that come in white, red, pink, or purple. Additionally, if you enjoy cooking or baking, you can make a luscious pie filling with its fruit.

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Lilacs typically bloom in May. If you can smell their fragrance, it’s a good indicator that spring has finally arrived. The strong floral scent and the flowering period tend to last around two weeks. These shrubs can spread quickly unless you keep their suckers cut off at ground level.

Sweet Orange

Citrus sinensis or sweet orange is known for its fragrant blossoms and tasty fruit. The plant is round in shape and has very glossy leaves. Additionally, it also produces white flowers that attract many insects and pollinators. This is a great tree to have if you enjoy gardening.

American Wisteria

The wisteria is one of the most unique-looking plants that you can get. It is technically a woody vine but you can easily grow and shape it around your garden to make it look more tree-like. The addition of an American Wisteria is sure to wow any who enters your garden with its wonderful scent and beautiful purple blooms.


Like the wisteria, the jasmine is also a vine plant perfect for warmer areas. It is commonly used for its iconic fragrance and also for its medicinal properties. Jasmine can be quite a hardy plant so it is a good choice for those who have just recently gotten into landscaping and gardening.

Whether you are looking to add plants or trees that smell good this spring, trust the experts at Arbor Hills Tree Farm & Nursery to help find the perfect match for you.

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