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October – What to plant?

October PlantingOctober is the time for forward planning, if you’d like to see some color emerging up around your home this winter and next spring you’ll need to put in a little thought now. We have put together a list of bulbs to plant in October for lots of color in the months to come.


  • Daffodils | Narcissus
    • Narcissus “Paperwhite” – strongly scented multi-headed flowers that are creamy white, plant indoors now to flower in December
    • Narcissus “Tete a Tete” – a super variety that grows to 6 inches high with multiple yellow flowers in March. It is very good for planting into pots or rockeries and won’t be damaged by strong winds
    • Narcissus “Apotheose” – a yellow double flowered variety with orange flecks in the centre. Nice for planting in small groups amongst trees
    • Narcissus “Golden Ducat” – a tall, double yellow flower which appears in March suitable as a cut flower or for planting in among shrubs
  • Tulips | Tulipa
    • Tulip “Queen of the night” – a very popular and unusual dark purple / black flower in March. It grows to 24 inches high with strong stems that don’t get damaged in the wind
    • Tulip “Ballerina” – a beautiful orange tulip with a large flower. It grows to 22 inches high and looks well planted among wallflowerstulips
    • Tulip “Red Riding Hood” – a dwarf red flowered variety that only grows to 12 inches high. It also has a red freckle on the leaf that is very attractive.
    • Tulip “Parrot” – a most unusual variety with feathery looking petals in various colours. Very nice near an entrance doorway so the petals will be noticed

Other bulbs to plant in October are:

  • Snowdrops: flowers in Jan/Feb
  • Anemone: flowers in April
  • Hyacinth: outdoor varieties flower in April or indoor prepared varieties will flower in December
  • Muscari: flowers in March/April
  • Crocus: flowers in February
  • Fritillaria: flowers in March
  • Allium: flowers in April/May

Vegetable bulbs

Now is the time to plant sets (prepared and virus free bulbs) of winter onions and shallots. These are best planted shallowly with their tips just above soil level. They will root into the soil and may grow a little before the cold weather comes. In spring they shoot up quickly and are ready much earlier than normal spring planted onion sets.

Garlic is usually sold as a bulb that you split into the different segments similar to an orange. Each segment is planted 6 inches apart about 2 inches below the soil surface. Garlic is best planted in autumn as it roots into the soil and continues to grow leaf over the winter. In spring they will grow very fast if given a general purpose or seaweed feed.

Plant now:

  • Winter Onions
  • Shallots
  • Garlic