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Niobe Gold Weeping Willow Trees

Niobe Gold Weeping Willow Trees

Niobe Gold Weeping Willow Trees

Niobe Gold Weeping Willow Trees are one of the more interesting of the weeping willows.

Also known as Niobe Golden, this weeping willow produces a more upright weeping branch structure that starts out as a soft golden color deepening to a brilliant yellow bark during the winter months. The long narrow bright green leaves of Salix Alba Tristis are a wonderful contrast to the golden branching.

In spring, the Niobe Golden Weeping Willow Trees white flowers develop as catkins much like those of the Pussy Willow. A beautiful flowering willow tree, the Golden Niobe will grow into the 50 – 70 foot height range with a spread equal in height. As with most any Weeping Willow tree, the Niobe Golden Willow should be planted in full sun away from all types of piping and foundations and no less than 40 feet away from any septic field lines. Weeping Willows are best sited near or on water banks (moist to wet soil areas) where they can spread their long golden branches.

Niobe is tolerant of deer and can withstand some drought when mature.  Niobe is one of the hardiest of the Willows, and even in the winter months is sure to delight with its golden coloring.  It’s also popular as shelter for birds.

The Willow is valued for its uniquely beautiful appearance and will certainly be a valued asset to your landscape.

* Golden coloring
* Winter interest
* Wildlife interest

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