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What Is a Good Tree for the Front Yard of a House?

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Apart from the aesthetic joy trees bring to our front yards as we drive in and out, they also add curb appeal and value to our properties. When choosing trees for the front yard we tend to have particular requirements. They should have colorful spring flowers. They should have full foliage and richly colored leaves in the fall. We also want some trees with year-round appeal. They should add stature and dimension to our landscape. There are a plethora of trees to choose from that meet this criterion.

What Is a Good Tree for the Front Yard of a House?


Spruces trees (conifers) depending on the variety, grow tall and symmetrical. Their evergreen needles make them ideal to line the drive or set off the front door all year round. There are upwards of 40 species of spruce trees, including some that do very well in the cold. The 60ft blue spruce copes well in droughts. Dwarf Montgomery and Fat Albert grow to 15ft and are easily shaped. Norway Spruces are huge at 35ft wide and 80ft tall. The slow-growing Oriental Spruce copes well with sun, semi-shade, and poor soil. Serbian Spruces work well as hedges in well-drained soil and make a good windshield for the rest of the yard. White Spruce also make good windbreaks and cope with drought and some shade, as do Black Hill Spruces.


Maples also come in different varieties and make for great front yard trees. There is the Bloodgood Japanese Maple with its maroon and red leaves, which last for three of the four seasons, and is good for shade at 20ft. Sugar Maples turn a lovely yellow or orange in fall, provide summer shade and give us maple syrup.


Magnolias produce stunning goblet flowers and a sweet perfume smell. There is the Magnolia Black Tulip standing at 10ft, the evergreen Magnolia Grandiflora, and the beautiful Magnolia Stellata which can also be planted in pots. Magnolias in the main enjoy full sun and partly acidic soil.

Silk Trees

The Albizia Julibrissin silk tree produces fragrant powder-puff blooms, has dark, fern-shaped foliage, and grows to 30ft. However, the Albizia Julibrissin silk tree can be invasive.


Dogwoods have spring flowers and produce berries for the birds. They have reddish, bronze or purple foliage in fall and the branches create interesting, horizontal patterns in winter.

Weeping Cherries

Weeping cherries are popular because of their interesting shapes and wonderful spring blossoms. The Weeping Higan will be full of pink and white flowers in April.

Mountain Ashes

The Mountain Ash is prized for its flat-topped white flower clusters, orange berries for the birds, and yellow fall foliage. They grow to 30ft and spread to 30ft. However, the fragrance is pungent.

Red Oaks

These classics are excellent for shade. They have red fall foliage and are cold-hardy. Red Oaks make for very strong wood and are easy to transplant.

Crepe Myrtles

Crepe Myrtles are suited to the hot American Southeast climate. They are enjoyed for their pink or red or white flower clusters. Crepe Myrtles are fairly drought resistant and easy growing.

Sunburst Locusts

Sunbursts grow up to 40ft and are very pretty in the spring and fall. These are maintenance-friendly as they have small leaves and do not create a mess in the fall. Therefore, there is limited raking required.

How to Choose

When considering which trees to plant decide what purpose they should serve. Are they to create interest or privacy? There should be a combination of evergreens, spectacular fall colors and beautiful spring and summer flowers. Give a thought to the soil quality when choosing trees for your front yard. Also, decide how much yard maintenance you can manage.

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