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Fall Season Tree Planting

Fall Season Tree Planting Omaha

As the leaves begin to change, and jack-o-lanterns begin to appear on our neighbor’s porches, it is safe to say the fall season has begun. With Autumn’s cooler weather and crisp mornings, planting in the fall can produce a plentiful garden and harvest.

Are you wondering what trees to plant in the fall season?

Most people think of spring when it comes to planting trees, but fall is a great time to plant a tree or two in your garden. One tip we give is to looks for deals on trees, shrubs, perennials. This time of year garden centers and nurseries have reduced the prices of perennials or trees that didn’t sell during spring or summer.

These are a few trees you can plant in the fall:

  • Baldcypress Trees
  • Catalpa, Eastern Trees
  • Elm Trees
  • Maple Trees
  • Oak Trees
  • Lilac Trees
  • Evergreen Trees

How late you can plant trees in Fall season?

Microclimates in the landscape and changing weather conditions can extend how long you have to plant a tree in your landscape. But a good general rule to follow is that the soil temperatures should be above 55 F 6 inches below the soil at the time you plant your tree.

Whether you want to plant a tree in the fall for its beauty, or because it will expand your garden’s harvest, or provide food for wildlife, there isn’t a wrong reason to plant a tree. Take advantage of the warm soil temperatures to plant a tree and get its roots established before winter comes. If you don’t think there’s enough time to plant your tree before the ground freezes, protect the root ball and plant it in the spring.

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