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Backyard BirdWatching Tips

When you are staring out your windows on those gray winter days, it can be easy to become discouraged. One of the ways to add some color to your backyard might just come in the form of some friendly critters with wings. Blue jays, cardinals, chickadees, and goldfinches are wonderful chirpers that likely call your area home. Whether you are an expert ornithologist or you are just getting started, it is easy to turn your backyard into a birdwatching paradise. Here are some backyard birdwatching tips to help get you started.

Backyard Birdwatching Tips


The easiest way to get birds to visit your yard is to tempt them with some tasty treats. There are many types of bird feeders available, even ones that you can hang right on your window. You can place bird feeders within the view of your window and watch as the birds start to come by throughout the day. Have a bird identification book nearby so that you can identify all of the different types of birds that start coming to visit your backyard.

Create a Bird-Friendly Yard

Like all animals, birds are looking for three things: food, water and shelter. In other words, trees and shrubs are excellent habitat-building plants. Birds need shelter no matter the season.


Invest in a pair of binoculars to use while looking out your window. Using birdwatching binoculars from your window is a great way to practice how to zoom in on things when you take your first nature walk to try to find birds out in their natural habitat. If you have children, you can make a pair of pretend binoculars out of cardboard tubes for them to peer at the birds through your window. Identifying bird species can be a fun activity for your whole family to enjoy.

Create a Hide Out

If you want to experience the birds first hand or you are looking for a way to entertain your children, place a large cardboard box in your yard and cut out a few peepholes. Sprinkle bird food all around the box. Children will love the thrill of hiding out in the box and waiting on the local birds to come to give them an up-close view. Make sure that you stay quiet if you want the best experience.

Keep Count

Another great thing that you can do when you start your birdwatching adventures is to keep a notebook nearby. You can fill the notebook with the types of birds that you see each day. Keep a running tally of the number of each type of bird that comes to visit your yard on a daily basis.

If you visit the Audobon society website, you will find that many bird watchers like to keep a running total of the types of birds that they see. There are even competitions on the site that you can be a part of. This is a fun way to meet and talk to other people who are watching and trying to attract birds as well. Not only that, but you can get more birdwatching tips and ask questions about the birds that are visiting your area. This will help you get ideas on how to attract other types of birds to your yard as well.

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