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Arborvitae Trees Facts & Care

Arborvitae Trees Facts & Care

A dense, narrow, evergreen shrub or small tree, arborvitae trees make a wonderful privacy screen and windbreak.  Arborvitae trees have a flat, scale-like foliage, which is usually a lush light, medium or dark green, and attractive cones.

The plants typically maintain their foliage nearly all the way to the base of the trunk, giving the plants a formal, dense appearance. Depending on the species and variety, arborvitae is relatively low maintenance.

Arborvitae Trees Facts

Arborvitaes are hardy trees that require little maintenance and grow well in part or full sun. They can be planted at any time of the year, except during summer drought conditions. Arborvitae trees prefer cooler climates and moist, alkaline soil, but can adapt to other soil types.

This tree grows at a slow to medium rate, with height increases of anywhere from less than 12″ to 24″ per year.


Arborvitae Trees:

  • Features tiny, scale-like leaves that are packed closely together in overlapping rows on branchlets, displaying in a flattened, fan-like spray. The leaves change from bright green in the summer to a multitude of rich yellow-brown-green hues in the winter.
  • Grows in a pyramidal shape.
  • Adapts well to shearing and shaping.
  • Releases a pleasing aroma when leaves are squeezed.
  • Yields light brown or reddish-brown oblong cones that are ⅜–½” long and persist through winter. Cone scales are blunt-tipped and separate from each other at the base.
  • Can be planted 3′ apart for a low-maintenance hedge.

Arborvitae Tree Care

Tree pruning, watering, and using arborvitae tree fertilizer on a regular basis will keep your arborvitae tree as healthy as possible. Mature and established arborvitae trees benefit from fertilizer feedings.

Arborvitae trees can suffer from occasional insect infestations such as

  • aphids
  • scale insects
  • bark beetles

Many of these can be controlled with a hard spray of water from the garden hose, if needed. If you are looking to purchase an arborvitae tree please contact Arbor Hills Tree Farm. They will price match, plant and have the best warranties.