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What Does A Tree Spade Do?

What Does A Tree Spade Do?

When a landscaper is looking to build in a chosen area or wants to open the land, they often have the daunting task of removing trees. Removing trees with a normal spade or other small equipment can be very labor-intensive and take a long time. That is why large and specialized machines such as the tree spade were created. When a landscaper or construction company has deadlines to meet, a tree spade can help make tree removal quick and easy. Not to mention, a tree spade also reduces labor requirements which lower costs. Not only does the tree spade help remove trees, but it helps with planting new trees or reusing dug-up trees.

What Does A Tree Spade Do?

How Does a Tree Spade Work?

Because of the amount of power that is needed to dig up trees, a tree spade is the best tool to remove or relocate a large tree. A tree spade can do similar tasks that an excavator is used for in construction.

The large machine has three to four blade-like parts that meet at a single point at the bottom and open towards the top. These parts can open to fit around different sizes of trees and will close around the area to scoop out the tree and its roots. The machine essentially looks like a bucket that meets at one sharp point towards the bottom. The point at the bottom is useful when extracting and planting trees.

Tree spade machines are often mounted to tractors or loaders that are used to relocate trees a short distance, or even on the back of a truck for longer distances. There are a wide variety of tree spade designs that landscaping and tree removal companies can choose from depending on numerous factors including soil conditions. The different designs of tree spades can include curved or straight blades, which will have different sizes for the root ball diameter and depths, as well as the cone angle for the root ball.

Why Are Tree Spades Important?

Tree spades save time and reduce the labor requirements for the extraction and introduction of trees in a designated space. When trees are removed manually, it’s not as simple as hand digging into the soil and removing the tree. This is because the tree will have a deep system of roots that have spread out. When you are removing a tree, it is important that you make sure to get all the roots out. This will help to prevent any regrowth. This will help you avoid any issues that the roots may cause for what is to be put in place of the tree.

A tree spade can essentially take out the tree and keep the root ball intact. Keeping the root ball intact is very important when transplanting trees. Tree spades are vital to the nursery industry as they ensure the removal of all root systems which keeps the tree in a healthy form until it can be replanted somewhere else.

Additional Information: Tree Spade Operators’ Care of Stock – Nebraska Department of Agriculture

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