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Tree Planting Steps

Tree Planting Steps

Tree Planting Steps

You have researched it, thought about it, planned it, but now you are finally going to do it — you are going to be planting a tree.

Trees are amazing: the foliage, the statement they make, the shade they create; and the way they improve your landscaping.


1. Size is everything when picking a tree

When shopping at a nursery, please know that price is gauged by the size of the container it is in, not the size of the plant. Feel free to ask how long the tree has been in the bucket.

2. Tree location is key

Before you begin shopping for your tree, know where you want to plant the tree. For example, know the sun exposure (or at least the direction the tree will be facing). If you have a specific spot where you want a tree, choose a tree that is going to suit that area, something with non-aggressive roots if it is near the walkways, mainline or foundation. If you want it for shade, make sure it is in a spot that is going to block the sun and not just make pretty shadows. Please think about what you have already planted, because once you start creating shade, those plants may no longer thrive. Replacing an entire garden can be very expensive.

3. How slow does your tree grow?

You need to do your research. How fast does your new tree grow? If it is a slow grower, invest the money in a larger tree. Don’t buy a small 5-gallon plant and expect shade. Same goes for fast-growing trees, some trees can grow 4 feet in one year. If that’s the case, don’t put out the extra cash for a few feet that you will gain in a year.


1.      Measure the root ball on the base of the tree.

2.      Dig a hole 1-2” less than the depth measurement of the root ball so the base or flute of the tree is 1-2” above grade when planted.

3.      Make sure the hole is a min of 10-12” larger than the width of the root ball.

4.      If in a B & B burlap wrap, do not remove the burlap but do make a series of cuts or slashes in the side of the root ball so new roots can start faster, if it is a container tree make sure you score or ruff up the roots once the container is removed.

5.      Lift the base of the tree near the hole.  Lay it horizontally and then role into center of the hole.  Check to make sure the base or flute is 1-2” above grade.  Slowly back fill the hole with dirt from bottom to top making sure there are no gaps or air pockets and all side of the tree root ball is in contact with the bottom and side of the hole.  Slowly water in – using 5 gal of water per 2” caliper tree size and apply 2-3” hard wood mulch to the base of tree.

If you have any questions or need professional help, we recommend Arbor Hills Tree Farm Omaha for everything you need to beautify your landscape.