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Which Plants Pollinators Like Best and Home Landscaping?

Plants Pollinators

Maintaining an organic garden is not just something you do for yourself. While it is true that this is a fantastic way to make your home that much more beautiful and serene and to give yourself a quiet place to relax… while it’s true that it will provide you with a much more attractive view whenever you look out of your living room window, and while it will undoubtedly add value to your property… this is also something you do for the environment. By growing plants pollinators will be attracted to, you can make a difference.

Which Plants Pollinators Like Best and Home Landscaping?

Humans are sadly destroying the planet. We mow down nature wherever we go and replace it with cold, hard, tarmac. Once that’s in place, we spend our days driving vehicles to and fro, filling the air with toxic fumes. This is only a fraction of the damage we cause.

By maintaining a garden, you get to reverse just a little bit of that damage. You are creating a safe-haven for the local wildlife, providing nourishment and shelter, and bringing to life some beautiful examples of plant life. You’ll even be combating some of that ozone damage by planting flowers and plants that will recycle that carbon back into useful oxygen.

But one of the very best things your garden can do for the planet is provide for local pollinators. This not only helps the planet but also ensures that your garden itself will thrive.
Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Pollinators?

As the name would suggest, pollinators are creatures that pollinate the plants. This means that they will take pollen from one plant and transport it to another. This is how plants reproduce, and without this process, many species of plants and crops would die out.
Did you know that it has been suggested that bees provide roughly $57 billion in their pollination services each year in the US alone? They say that one in three bites of ALL food are reliant on the action of pollinators.

And without them, your own plants would stop producing seeds. You might see your annual flowers stop coming back – and your garden losing some of its color and vibrancy.

This is a stunning example of the interdependence of life on our planet. And it is incredible to watch this crucial part of the ecosystem play out in our back yards!

The bad news is that many pollinators – including bees – are largely endangered. Therefore, by creating supportive pollinator habitat, you can do a small part to prevent this catastrophe and help support the local ecosystem.

This is the perfect example of eco-friendly landscaping.

What Can You Do?

So how do you support pollinators in your own back yard? First, try to use a wide variety of native plants. Using plants that are local to your area will naturally support the pollinators that live there. This is simply how evolution works: we adapt to our surroundings. Therefore, the plants that grow locally are the ones that these animals have naturally adapted to thrive on.

You should also look into larval host plants. These are plants that pollinators will lay their eggs on, which of course can help to swell their numbers. This only happens with very specific plants, so make sure to do your research and carefully choose the right plants for the job.

Of course, it’s also important to be organic in your approach. That means you should avoid pesticides that will kill or harm insects and birds. There is no such thing as a pesticide that only harms “bad” insects and animals, and there is no such thing as a “bad” insect or animal to begin with! Using natural methods, you can safely deter those critters that cause damage to your garden without killing the ones that help.

You can even go one step further and actually establish a native bee house! This is different from beekeeping and simply means that you are creating a shelter that will attract bees. Depending on the type of bee you want to attract, you will need to use different types of shelter. Of course, this is something that some people will not feel comfortable doing, but if you are happy to invite bees into your garden, it’s a wonderful way to give back to the environment.

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