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Fun Facts About Roses

fun facts about roses

Roses are more than just beautiful blooms, there are so many things that most of us do not know about them.

The rose is not just the most loved flower in the world, it is also the flower that is regarded as the best representation of love. Did you know that:

  • roses are edible
  • can live for a very long time
  • has been mentioned in the bible
  • is a great source of vitamin C

Check out these facts about roses that you probably never knew. 

Historical Facts About Roses

Roses, which are among the most commonly known flowers and come in a variety of colors, have an interesting history. Many people love flowers, but for many it is truly all about roses. Below are some historical facts and fun facts about roses, as compiled from Passion Growers and The Flower Expert.

Historical Facts about Roses

  • The earliest roses have been traced back to some 35 million years ago
  • Cleopatra’s living quarters were filled with rose petals to remind Marc Antony of her every time he smelt roses
  • Roses have been referenced in ancient Buddhist and Confucian religious documents
  • The Romans cultivated this flower naming it Rosa Gallica, and newlyweds were often crowned with roses
  • High society Roman women used rose petals like currency
  • The earliest known rose painting was found in approximately 1600 B.C. in Crete, Greece
  • First recorded in the 13th century, the apothecary rose was turned into jellies, oils, and powders, with the belief that it could cure a number of illnesses
  • The War of the Roses was a civil war in England lasting from 1455-1487, in which the winner merged a white rose with a red rose creating the Tudor Rose, the Rose of England for a high society rose
  • The modern rose era started with the first hybrid tea rose, “La France” in 1867, by a French breeder of the name, Guillot.

Fun Facts about Roses

  • Truly black roses do not exist, although there are a few species of roses that come close. The Turkish Halfeti rose, also known as “The Black Rose of Turkey”, is an extremely rare breed that appears pitch-black to the eye, but in fact is a dark reddish-crimson color.
  • Introduced to the world in 2006 by famed rose breeder David Austin, the Juliet rose took 15 years and £3 million (about $5 million) to breed. The rose is apricot-colored, and is said to have a very light, sensual fragrance. The rose blooms, when opened, reveal a neat array of petals nestling within the folds in the center of the bloom – a sensational sight to behold!
  • Prior to November 2009 blue roses did not exist, although they were highly sought after. To fill demand florists would dye the white varieties and sell them in a blue garb to supply the blue roses to market – until Suntory announced their new breed of blue rose, named APPLAUSE. The roses contain nearly 100% blue pigment in their petals, and are truly a sight to behold. In 2011 Suntory announced that they would begin selling their blue roses in North America.
  • The rose found its way to space in 2002, during a collaboration between Dr. Braja Mookherjee, an IFF (International Flavors and Fragrances) researcher, and NASA. The miniature rose, named the ‘Overnight Scentsation’, journeyed to space aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery Flight STS-95 in order to aid in studies regarding the effects of low gravity on the smell of the rose, in order to help learn how to improve the fragrances of many consumer products.
  • The world’s oldest rosebush is located on the wall of St. Mary’s Cathedral, located in Hildesheim, Germany, and dates back to around 1000 years (around AD 815). It stands as a tentament to Hildesheim’s endurance, and even survived the destruction of the Cathedral in 1945 by allies bombers.
  • Now who would ever imagine that this envied beauty scores high on the nutrition aspect as well? The rose hip (the fruit of the rose plant), contains high amounts of vitamin C, as well as trace amounts of vitamin A and B, and is actually considered one of the richest plant sources of vitamin C.

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