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Grow Bag Trees Benefits

grow bag trees benefits Omaha

When it comes to tree farms there have been a number of improvements throughout the years. However, there is much more room to improve efficiency. One step in the right direction is in ground fabric grow bag trees.

Grow Bag Trees Benefits

Grow bag trees eliminate the need for tree spades as well as burlap planting that is quite labor intensive. These bags have become quite invaluable as they allow twice as many trees to be planted per acre and they are very easy to dig.


One of the main benefits of using grow bag trees is that they can be planted very quickly. With the right equipment and a crewe of three or four, the grow bags can be either planted or harvested in just over a minute. This means that 400 to 800 trees can easily be planted in a single day. The harvesting of these trees is just as quick. You can use just a small fork and a three point hitch to plant these trees in just over a minute. Think about the profitability that can be achieved with this high level of productivity.

Air Pruning

A common misconception about grow bags is that they will retain the entire root ball. This is not the case. While the trees are maturing it is common for the roots of the trees to penetrate the planting bag and grow into the soil. This is true whether the bags are planted above ground or in the ground. The key for this to occur is air pruning. As the roots approach the outside of the bag, they will branch into a fibrous structure instead of circling around the pot. This is called air pruning and it creates an effective delivery system for nutrients. This means that the trees will grow bigger at a faster pace.

Labor Savings

One of the biggest expenses of any tree farm is the labor. Another challenge is simply finding good help. With the right equipment and techniques, tree farms will be able to save tens of thousands of labor costs each year and possibly more. Eliminating the use of tree spades as well as the ball and burlap planting techniques, tree farms can save some major cash.

Overall, tree farms can stand to save a lot of money when it comes to the use of grow bags. It will save on labor and speed up the planting and harvesting process.

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Arbor Hills is excited to offer Grow Bag Trees. Grow Bag Trees are new to the market and is a major step forward in the art of growing a new high quality tree quickly, at a value price – Just $199 each. Simply select the tree(s) you want and they will be ready for pick up or delivery the following Saturday Morning. The trees are easy to handle and plant. Click here for more information.